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(Lifestyle) Jan 12, 2022
Ma, look what I’ve got! — Trapeze’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide
Written by Marc B.

Mother’s Day is around the corner so let’s not be mum about it! Showing your appreciation, love and care for Mum can come in more ways than one and we all know that on occasions like this, gifts are the way to go. Side-step the panicked calls to your local florists, hectic visits to the jewellery store and get a load of this—Trapeze’s curated gift collection that’ll seamlessly pave way for a simple and savvy Mother’s Day! We know Mother’s day is a mere day away but we reckon it’s Mother’s day every day, don’t you agree? Be it your sister, aunt or mother, we recognise the love and devotion of every caregiver so here’s a savvy list of pamper products that you never knew they needed—who knew gifting could be this easy?

For the mom on the go

Beyond The Vines Dumpling Bag

Available in 11 different colours, the Beyond the Vines Dumpling bag puts itself forth as the most versatile bag out there—from Terracotta to Grey and even the much raved about Burnt Orange—if you’ve got the outfit for it, they’ve got the bag! Boasting an ergonomic design that furnishes the bags with two handles, these bags are adjustable in length, proving an incomparable versatility that fits any and every occasion. Perfect for mums that are constantly on the go!

For the wine mum

Vacu Vin Wine Saver

The Vacu Vin Wine Saver does one thing and does it well—keeping your wine preserved and sealed! If there’s anything we can’t stand to bear witness to it’s a bottle of wine gone bad when left ineffectively sealed for days—boo! If mum enjoys a hearty wine at the end of the long day, rest assured that a freshly uncorked bottle of wine will last her days— preserving the delicate aromatics and flavours that might be lost keeping a bottle out of the open, unsealed, for yet another day! Psst…why not top this gift off with a handy Mother’s Day Wine Gift Set from the folks over at Temple Cellars, complete with a succulent, fine boned Koerner Pigato Vermentino and a bright S.C Pannel Airdo Rose. You know what they say, a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away!

For the candle collector

Fredericks & Mae’s Palo Santo, Burning Bush & Rose.

Made by hand, from the candle itself to the silkscreened label, this Fredericks & Mae candle promises to uplift, revitalise and rejuvenate all with a simple light and an indulgent whiff! Incorporating olfactory elements of Palo Santo and Rose, this soy wax candle smells like a desert bloom and hot sun on skin—just imagine that! Artisan, ethical and one-of-a-kind, there’s no better (and simpler) way to unwind and restore than this. Surely your mum’s candle penchant has got stiff competition with this addition swinging by.

For the skin-care enthusiast

Bedaskin’s Multi Active Treatment Essence

We know how it goes, skin care can be complicated! From serums to moisturisers, exfoliators and cleansers…the list goes on. If shopping for your skin-care enthusiast mum has been an arduous venture, we’re making it simple and pointing you straight towards Bedaskin’s Multi Active Treatment Essence.  Exceptionally gentle with long lasting results, this light milky essence that’s formulated with a blend of proven actives, skin identical elements and nourishing antioxidants promises to simplify your mum’s skincare care routine (and your Mother’s Day shopping frenzy) with its plenitude of skin-correcting benefits!

For the foodie

Po at Warehouse Hotel

If your mum’s in the business of good food, we’ve got just the treat for you: a meal at Po at Warehouse Hotel. A modern interpretation of Singaporean and Chinese classics, Po takes on the maternal role for the evening—dishing out a sumptuous menu that takes familiar Singaporean flavours above and beyond. From glistening and caramelised Kurobuta Char Siew to a bright Barramundi Salad, surely there’s something for everyone! Where words and gifts might fail, we’re more than sure than food does not—especially when it’s as refined as this!

For the bath-time-is-me-time mum

Ilāpothecary’s Magnesium & Amethyst Deep Relax Bath Soak

There’s nothing as soothing as running a warm unwinding bath and lucky for you, we found just the thing that does the trick right! Ilāpothecary’s Magnesium & Amethyst Deep Relax Bath Soak, made with oils, gems and minerals such as Amber, Juniper Berry, Amethyst and Petitgrain, is the fuss free go-to bath soak after a long and unforgiving day. Where me-time and bath-time meets, this is a must have!

We hope we get to you before the shopping frenzy does! Armed with innovative and simple gifts, we’re pulling out all the stops in showing you how creative and fuss free Mother’s Day gifting can be. Infused with love, drenched in care and tender at its core, surely there’s something here for every Mother out there. Oh, and if you’ve come this far and still find nothing that piques your interest—why not just go with this. Told ya’ we got your back!

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