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With diversity in mind, TRC distills the industry’s best practitioners into a cohesive team that boasts an array of specialities and niches that are suited towards folks of every walk of life.

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Jarratt R.

(Physical Wellness Lead)

Royston W.

(Martial Arts Lead)

Roxanne Trapeze Rec. Club

Roxanne G.

(Yoga Lead)

Garie - Martial Arts Assistant Lead

Garie T.

(Martial Arts Asst. Lead)



Kim C.


Kyne C.

(Yoga & Fitness)

Kenneth S.


Tracy T.


Tiffany T.

(Martial Arts)

Daryl KJ


Carissa C.


Alex O.

(Mental Wellbeing)

Pearl B.


Azmi M.

(Martial Arts)


(Martial Arts)


(Martial Arts)

Registered with Allied Health Professional Council, each member from Integrative Physio brings a minimum of 5 years of post-graduate experience. With an average of over 15 years per clinician, Integrated Physio’s dedicated professionals bring a wealth of expertise and diverse specialisations to provide the highest quality of care.

Dr. Matthew Winter

(Doctor of Physical Therapy | Senior Physiotherapist)

Dr Leo Yiru

(Doctor of Physical Therapy | Senior Physiotherapist)

Dew Isabel Low

(Senior Physiotherapist)

Jessie Yee

(Sports Massage And Lymphoedema Therapist)

As the leading patient-centered healthcare provider offering effective treatments grounded in TCM and enhanced with modern technology, Oriental Remedies Clinic shapes the future of holistic health and wellness through a team of certified bilingual TCM physicians who graduated from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and are well-equipped with scientific knowledge and wisdom from traditional medicine.

Jesslyn Poh


Trapeze Rec. Club

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