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(Lifestyle) Jul 01, 2022
Hot and Cold…A Look into Contrast Therapy
Over at Trapeze Rec. Club, we offer sessions in our thermal suite, a quaint tropical space in the heart of the city which consists of a private cold plunge and sauna to meet all your relaxation and recovery needs –definitely a vibe for the gram. Let’s take a look into how contrast therapy helps your body recover.
Written by Myra N.
Contrast Therapy

A name that speaks for itself, contrast therapy is a treatment that involves the process of exposing the body to both heat and the cold for recovery purposes. The treatment involves either an ice bath or an extremely cold shower, and a sauna. While heat packs and ice packs are a common sight when treating ailments such as a sprained ankle or relieving menstrual cramps, not many know the benefits of contrast therapy and how it helps with healing the body. 

Based on the processes of vasoconstriction (narrowing of the blood vessels) and vasodilation (relaxation of the blood vessels), contrast therapy allows for blood to flow from the inside out, moving from the internal organs to one’s physical exteriors which help to reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation, improve sleep and improve one’s overall wellbeing. Let’s take a closer look into what the heat and the cold does to our bodies.

Things are about to get Heated

Saunas are typically known to be a form of relaxation and detoxification in spas, but it goes much deeper than just sweating it out. Going back to the process of vasodilation (the relaxation of the blood vessels), heat from the sauna helps to relax our blood vessels which increases the flow of oxygen rich blood into our muscles. This not only promotes, but also speeds up the natural healing process of our muscles, relieving muscle tension from an injury or from training. The heat, which causes the production of sweat, also works to flush out any lactic acid build up in the body. The next time you’re in a sauna, sit back, relax, and let the heat do all the healing.

Baby, it’s Cold Outside

Ever seen athletes dumping themselves into a bathtub filled with cold, icy water? That is known as an ice bath. Ice baths help with reducing muscle soreness, muscle damage and fatigue after physical activity. Cold therapy works to heal the body through the intermittent narrowing and relaxing of the blood vessels which are caused by a change in body temperature. The constriction and relaxation of the blood vessels work to flush out metabolic waste that is produced after a workout and also facilitates better blood circulation which allows the flow of oxygenated blood throughout the body to promote healing.

The Lowdown

While the heat and the cold have similar effects on the body, using them in tandem and under controlled circumstances can help your body recover, allowing it to heal more efficiently and at a faster rate. Trapeze Rec Club offers both hot and cold recovery at our thermal suite which allows you to experience contrast therapy and its beneficial effects. A great form of recovery post-workout to relax, ease and address the tension in those muscles–and the catch? You can get a workout done at our gym or yoga studio, and head downstairs for a session in our thermal suite–remember, it’s all about balance.

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