Trapeze Rec. Club

Personal Training

Achieve your goals with personal training in fitness, martial arts, and yoga with Trapeze Rec. Club! Personalised and tailored for your journey – join us today.

Personal Training - Fitness

60 Min (Fitness)

Journey with our best-in-class trainers as they help you nail your fitness goals and take you to the next level. Expect personally developed training plans alongside contact time – curated for you, suited to your time and needs.

Personal Training - Martial Arts

Various class durations available

Whether you’re looking for a private or small group corporate class, we’ve got you covered. From learning a new skill in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or a striking masterclass in Muay Thai, you name it and we’ll develop it.

Personal Training - Yoga

60 min (Yoga)

Whether you’re looking for a more guided and paced practice or just in need for some much needed me-time, our private yoga session marry personalisation with a robust team of teachers that promise to take your practice to the next level.

Trapeze Rec. Club

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