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Canteen by TRC

Inspired by innovation, stirred by inspiration and curious at heart, Canteen by Trapeze Rec. Club features an eclectic coffee menu, healthy and organically sourced ingredients. Our menu includes an array of sweet and savoury yoghurt bowls along with Ayurvedic smoothies, yoghurts bowls and of course our famous grilled cheese sammy!

Thermal Suite

Seek refuge from the bustle of the city and bask under the sky in our outdoor thermal suite. Complete with a thermal sauna and cold plunge pool, the thermal suite offers a space for recovery and relaxation in a safe, highly regulated and picturesque space filled with tropical foliage.

Rest & Recover

A serene space for you to recover with the utmost privacy. The rest and recover rooms are available for you to consult our in-house physiotherapist, osteopath, TCM therapist as well as our Mental Wellbeing professional. Whether its to relieve pain and restore your body to a state of balance or consulting on your mental health, at Trapeze Rec. Club we ensure your comfort in a safe and regulated space.


With padded floors and a diverse set of equipment such as squat racks, macebells and clubbells, this dedicated fitness space will host an eclectic mix of classes suited towards your personal needs.


Our studio is fitted with padded floors to ensure safety and comfort whether it’s having an intense Martial Arts session or a tranquil Yoga Class. Complete with a stunning light installation, expansive and generous with natural light, the studio makes for the perfect urban escape at the end of every day on any day.

Recreation Room

Situated on the second and third floor of the club and where our wellness experts will be housed, the Rec. Room is intentionally designed to exude a sense of calm and stillness.


A versatile space that will be used for both Personal Training and small group classes, the Attic is situated architecturally at the peak of our club—truly a thoughtful addition and a cherry on top.

Trapeze Rec. Club

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